Affiliated to University of Calcutta

NAAC accredited with "A++" grade

Disciplinary Rules

a)  Loitering in the corridors or inside the canteen/common room during class hours is strictly prohibited.

b)  Mobile Phone, if found to be used in corridors or classes by students will be seized.

c)  Students are expected to keep the walls of the building clean and to co-operate with the authorities in its drive for cleanliness.

d)  Students should ensure that College properties/Laboratory equipment /library books are not damaged due to careless handing.

e)  Maintenance of silence in the library is mandatory.

f)   B.Sc Students found abstaining from theoretical classes for a period of more than seven days without any intimation will not be allowed to attend practical classes.

The following actions on the part of a student shall be considered as acts of gross indiscipline:

i)  Malpractices in examination hall;

ii) Disrespectful behaviour toward Teachers & Members of staff;

iii) Intrusion of male students in the Girls’ common room;

iv) Intentional damage of College property.

In the event of aforesaid acts being established beyond reasonable doubt by the Disciplinary Committee of the Institution, the student/student concerned shall be issued compulsory transfer certificate.