Affiliated to University of Calcutta

NAAC accredited with "A++" grade

Strategic/Perspective Plan

Integration and Accomplishment of strategic goals:

Behala College’s undertaken programmes are oriented in the way of skills-intensive and technology-based. The most prominent differentiators between the programmes when compared with other Colleges, is how employment-connected the credentials are. To fulfil our mandate to Advanced Education and Skills Development as a conduit for meeting emerging labour market needs our programmes undergo annual consultations with Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), whose purpose is to advise and connect with the academic process on its curriculum aspects. These annual consultations assure Behala College’s students that their curriculum teaching pattern is regularly updated to reflect the developments in their industry and that they are gaining competency in the skills required for gainful employment. We are focused on your future with technology rapidly advancing, a Behala College model of education will help you chart a sure path to your career and keep you in the know about changing trends in the professional world. The pattern by which the programmes are executed blend theory and hands-on learning, giving you the opportunity to gain practical experience in-class and on-the-job. You’ll learn from professors with industry experience who know what skills are in demand. At Behala College, we recognize that not everyone who comes to us is looking for exactly the same thing, so we've created a guidance programme (Mentor-Mentee) to help you find the resources you need to get started. The guide to getting started includes how to determine the subject that would shape your future world. The advanced bridge programmes would initially set you in with the pace followed by shorter master orientation programmes that would make one aware of the current job prospect and the mode of activation.